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This was probably the best purchase I have ever made! I got my results less than 2 days after they received the DNA swabs! You get to select how you want to be contacted. I chose phone, so I got a call, plus they emailed the report! They also contact a second party if you wish. You receive a report showing all markers (which has more markers than all other tests I researched) I couldn’t be happier!


Jolene is insanely amazing. She went above and beyond to help me get the answers I was looking for. I’m the alleged child and once the test proved the guy tested was actually my dad, they questioned the validity of the results. I contacted Jolene with the concerns and she had the lab call not only me, but my father to explain everything and clear things up. I’m forever grateful to this company for their promptness and their above and beyond commitment to me as a client.


I can’t say enough about Jolene. She has been so sympathetic with me during this process for Pre-Natal Testing. She has gone out of her way to do anything she could for me and I can not thank her enough. She is so passionate in what her company provides. My personal experience has been nothing but easy going and because Jolene showed genuine concern for me and my situation, it really made me feel great about going to her.


I needed to find out if a child that was born actually was my son’s. This DNA test was easy to administer and we got the results fast. I just found out I have a lovely granddaughter. Thanks for your product.


Excellent product, it tests more markers (24) versus other products in the market and roughly at the same price. The customer service was superb and the results were delivered quickly. Overall I highly recommend this product

My Forever DNA was quick, and because DNA is personal, we had questions. We called and all our questions were answered by a person with knowledge. We received the results within a week. We do recommend My Forever DNA and would use their services again if needed.


Jolene at My Forever DNA was amazing. I called and asked 20 questions about getting results for my son and she was so informative and pleasant. Jolene also went out of her way to be the middle man to help me get my son and his newborn out to her that same day…. with results in 48hrs!!! The price is best in town and the service was fast and caring. I highly recommend them!

Before I found My Forever DNA, I went through a different company which was the most horrible experience ever!! With My Forever DNA my child’s well being and comfort were put first. It made the process so much less stressful. The results were extremely fast. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with this company.

Have enjoyed every experience working with this company. Don’t trust a cheaper kit which tests fewer DNA markers and brings uncertainty… I made that mistake before. The customer service from Jolene is incomparable and the instructions are super clear and easy to follow. Thanks for the peace of mind!

Fast service, easy to use, very friendly customer service, turn around time was amazing. Highly recommend this to anyone who needs a piece of mind or help for a custody case!

Super fast shipping! Super fast processing! Loved the emailed results and detailed online DNA analysis. The peace of mind is worth the small investment.

This is an exceptional product! Customer service was great. My results were in just a few days after I mailed in my kit!

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