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Types of DNA Tests Available:

Paternity Test

If you or someone else is questioning the paternity of a child, this test will determine with accuracy if a male is the true biological father of a child or adult. If you are curious, this test will put your mind at ease. Home paternity testing is the easiest and most affordable solution. Samples are collected in the privacy of your home, so confidentiality is guaranteed. Test additional people for an added fee.

Legal Paternity Test

A legal paternity DNA test provides individuals with peace of mind along with the knowledge & accuracy that is needed to hold up in a court of law. We provide a quick and easy way to obtain accurate legal DNA testing. Once you identify that you require a legal DNA test, please schedule an appointment or buy a legal paternity test today. Once the test is purchased, our licensed DNA specialist will call to set up an appointment.

Infidelity Test

Do you suspect your spouse or significant other cheating on you? Find out now with the infidelity DNA test. Although the test results are not admissible in court, the infidelity DNA test answers any questions or concerns you may have about a possible cheating spouse or significant other. You will know the truth, allowing you to make an educated next step decision in your relationship.

Sibling Test

A sibling DNA test is done to determine the statistical likelihood that siblings share the same biological parent. This means that we are establishing a genetic relationship between siblings and parent without testing the DNA of the parent concerned. A sibling DNA test can determine if you are full or half siblings, it will also establish if you are completely unrelated.

Grandparent Test

Grandparent DNA testing will determine if a grandmother and grandfather are the biological relatives of their grandchild. This test is often done in the place of a paternity DNA test in cases when the biological father of a child is unavailable or deceased and thus, a paternity DNA test is not possible.

Avuncular Test

An avuncular DNA test (also known as an aunt/uncle DNA test) is done to establish whether an aunt and/or uncle are the biological relatives of their niece or nephew. An avuncular test is most typically done when a paternity test is not an option and thus, the only means of establishing paternity is by testing the alleged father’s relatives to see whether they are related to the child in question.

Twin Test

Twin zygosity DNA testing will determine if twins are identical or fraternal. Looking at resemblance and the physical characteristics between twins is not always a clear way of knowing if twins are monozygotic (identical) or dizygotic (fraternal). Identical twins will have the same blood groups; they can donate blood to each other or even organs.

Immigration Test

Immigration cases require proof of relationship through the use of an AABB accredited DNA testing laboratory. By purchasing an immigration test through My Forever DNA, you are assured of receiving fast, reliable, and accurate results from an AABB accredited laboratory of DNA experts. Let us help you with our simple, convenient, and FAST testing process.


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